Sally Rogers - Sculpture

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1998, fabricated steel, cast glass, stone
42"h x 37"w x 18"d

"Defying Gravity"
2001, fabricated steel, cast glass, locust
42"h x 42"w x 16"d

"Delacroix's Hat"
2002, fabricated steel, cast glass
with copper electroforming
46"h x 52"w x 22"d

2001, fabricated steel, cast glass, locust
42"h x 42"w x 16"d

"Mal de Mer"
2001, fabricated steel, cast glass, locust
6'h x 6'w x 23"d

1998, fabricated steel, cast glass, locust
41"h x 42"w x 23 "d

Artist's Statement: Sally Rogers

My sculptures are created from combinations of glass, steel, stone, and wood. The glass portions of the sculptures utilize the `pate de verre' glass-casting process; a clay or wax form is sculpted, a refractory mold is made of the form, the mold is placed in an annealing oven, and glass is melted/filled in the mold. I fabricate the steel portions from mild and/or stainless steel which is torch or plasma cut, ground, welded, and sandblasted. Finishes on the steel are selenic acid and/or ferric chloride based, with a hot beeswax and linseed oil final treatment. The cast glass elements and sandstone, quartzite, slate, and granite components are cut, ground, and shaped to fit the steel portions.

Conceptually, my work refers to abstractions of the human figure. I have a real hesitation about too-literally representing the human form, as it is not my goal to control specifically what my "audience" interprets from the work. It is my intent, however, to convey a time in life, a period, a mood, a place, as a take-off point for exploring a range of human emotions. Abstracting the human form opens up the opportunity to reach people on a more visceral, emotional level.

One of my main intentions with the sculptures is a desire to draw connections and comparisons between what goes on in interpersonal relationships, and what occurs on a larger level (ie. between countries and cultures). The evolution of man's discerning and delineating our similarities and differences, and of the problems, politics, solutions, and emotions created therein, are of great interest to me. Such intellectual and emotional juggling finds a parallel in one-on-one relationships. What happens between humans on a "macro" level (ie. politically, socially, culturally) also occurs on a "micro," more intimate level (ie. family, friends, love-relationships).

In this sense, many human experiences are shared, or "archetypal" in origin, and cross all boundaries of culture, race, and religion. It is these emotions, common to us all as human beings, that I seek to convey in my work.

1996,fabricated steel, pate de verre, slate
46"h x 30"w x 14"d

1997,fabricated steel, pate de verre, stone, locust
34"h x 46"w x 15"d

1996, fabricated steel, pate de verre, stone
28"h x 30"w x 16"d

"Reinvention #1"
1998, fabricated steel, pate de verre, locust
32"h x 48"w x 11"d

"Mourning Doves"
2003, fabricated steel, pate de verre,
25"h x 36"w x 9"d

2003, fabricated steel, pate de verre,
40"h x 16"w x 11"d


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