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Outdoor Sculpture
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As a professional sculptor, I am very interested in opportunities for placing work in exterior settings. While some of this work has been for public installations (see Public Collections page), I have also completed a number of private commissions for residential and commercial sites. In these works, I have enjoyed making forms that are very “human” in scale and that allow the homeowners to live with, and interact with, the work on a very personal level. In these pieces I try to satisfy the multiple concerns of appealing or thought-provoking imagery, integration with the site, and safety and structural integrity.

Generally, these sculptures are composed of combinations of stainless steel and granite, sometimes with cast glass components. I am concerned with the long-term durability of my completed projects, and while no material is completely ‘maintenance free,’ stainless steel and stone offer relative stability over time, in the completed works . I strive for sculptural forms that are not only challenging and satisfying for me to create, but are also welcome additions to the environment in which they are placed.


2013, Stainless Steel
5'h x 7'w x 3'6"d
Private Commission, Atlanta, Georgia


2013, Fabricated Stainless Steel, Dakota mahogany granite
5' 6"h x 8'w x 4'6"d
Private Commission, Cornelius, North Carolina


2012, Stainless Steel, Verde Butterfly Granite
3'8"h x 6'10"w x 22"d
Private Commission, Muncie, Indiana


"Roux Fougere"
2014, Fabricated Stainless Steel, Tan Brown Granite
4'8"h x 7'w x 4'd
Private Commission, Boone, North Carolina


2006, fabricated stainless steel, cast glass, verde jaco granite
6'3"h x 5'8"w x 2'd
Private Commission, Sarasota, Florida


"South Light"
2006, fabricated stainless steel, cast glass, verde butterfly granite
64h x 54w x 26d
Private Commission, Sarasota, Florida


"Viridian Curl"
2005, fabricated stainless steel, cast glass, verde jaco granite
6'8"h x 3'10"w x 2'd
Private Commission, Corona del Mar, California


2005, fabricated stainless steel, Dakota mahogany granite
3' h x 5' 6"w x 18"d
Private collection, Hilton Head, South Carolina


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